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Whisky Cask Ownership.

At the Spirit Exchange, we interact with our clients with the upmost integrity, clarity and transparency. Our specialist team have strong interlinks of knowledge of the market combining craftmanship and expertise to sculpt robust portfolios in the Whisky cask market.

Heritage is key, it is vital to respect the traditions, history and culture of the whisky making process. We have partnered with the finest leading distilleries to bring you the luxuries of Whisky Cask Ownership.

Whisky Cask Ownership
What we do
What we do

We are committed to sourcing you the finest whisky casks in the market maturing the most sought after Malt Whisky from leading distilleries. We support clients in their investments through sourcing, storage and sale of their assets in the Whisky cask market.


We have built a reputation for sourcing rare Whisky casks, building diverse portfolios of some of the most exciting expressions around.


We are giving you the opportunity to tap into an exclusive booming market. To buy, hold, mature and sell on for profits, bottle or even enjoy at home the luxuries of the finest Malt Whisky.

Message From Founder:

“It has been a challenging 18 months with uncertainty and inflationary pressures mounting, I and The Spirit Exchange can see it is vital to tighten your investment portfolio by expanding into investments which are less driven by external factors. Malt Whisky offers investors the opportunity to both grow and protect their wealth. Its tremendous heritage combined with its unique flavours makes it an attractive luxury and it is exciting to see new investors flocking to the market.”
Warmest Wishes,
(Chief Executive Officer)
Message From Founder

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13.09% Average Capital Growth

Average Capital Growth

The BC20 Index shows robust annual growth of 13.09% in the Whisky Market

Up 586% in the last decade

Up 586%
in the last decade

Demand for rare bottles of whisky increased by 586% in the decade building up to 2018

No capital gains tax

No capital
gains tax

Whisky is a perishing asset when stored in casks, keeping it free from capital gains tax.

Hands Free

Hands Free

Whisky offers a medium to long term investment. Sit back and watch it appreciate in value